Our Services

Although each Lustran client receives their own customized cleaning plan, Lustran offers four general types of cleaning services.
The Lustran General Cleaning usually occurs weekly or bi-weekly, and includes a thorough cleaning of the home or office.  General cleaning services utilize the proper cleaning products and methods for the different types of surfaces in your home or office.
The Lustran Deep Cleaning usually occurs monthly, bi-monthly, or after a large event.  In addition to the cleaning services provided in a General Cleaning, the Lustran Deep Cleaning offers services which could include refrigerators, carpets, paint touch-ups, backyard clean-up, garages and home organization.
Lustran respects that some homes and offices prefer a non-chemical, ‘green’ cleaning option.  This is why Lustran has developed and perfected methods to effectively clean your home or office without utilizing any toxic chemicals. The Lustran Green Cleaning can include the services offered in either the General or Deep Cleaning, and additional details regarding the techniques and cleaning solutions will be discussed with each client during the initial appointment.
With a Lustran Consultation, Fernando will conduct an in-depth analysis of your home or office and develop a customized Lustran Cleaning blueprint for your current cleaning staff.  The customized blueprint will include recommended cleaning solutions and techniques, along with recommendations on the amount of time to be spent on each task.  Follow-up consultations to review and perfect your staff’s work are also available.